Maureen Waititu’s Ex Denies Bedding Top Socialite Days After Being Dumped

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If you are a YouTube lover, you have probably interacted with Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym-It, a couple who ran their YouTube channel, Alpha Beta.

For a while, the couple welcomed their fans into their lives through their channel. Many loved how free they were with their fans and for not faking their lifestyle like most vloggers do.

Word in the streets raised eyebrows after the couple (Maureen and Frankie) were said to have broken up. Frankie took to Instargram clearing the air abut his relationship with Maureen (Mau) and Natalie Tewa.


Frankie and Natalie Tewa

A few weeks ago it was alleged that the YouTuber Natalie ‘Tewa’ had swiftly moved on and already dipped her feet into the dating pool just months after her break-up with hunk Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze. It is not yet clear how the two met, but they are oth into fitness and might have probably met during one of the training.

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Tewa and Frankie Are Dating
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Both Maureen and Frankie were blessed with two adorable little boys, and a few months ago, they welcomed their baby boy, Kai. Well, their fans have always been keen when it comes to their lives, considering they always keep us updated in case anything happens or if they are working on something.

We hope they are able to settle their disputes and get to entertain their fans once more.

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