Mbosso’s Baby Mama Breaks Down During TV Interview

Mbosso comforting Rukia (Courtesy)

Mbosso’s baby mama Rukia broke down twice after she was overcome with emotion during her son’s 40th-day celebration which is held in accordance with Islamic culture.

The first time she broke down was when she was getting serenaded by her guests during the event and later during an interview with Tanzania’s Yo Fave TV.

Rukia and Mbosso with their son Iqran (Instagram
Rukia and Mbosso with their son Iqran (Instagram)

During the interview, the host sought to find out why she had been overcome with emotion when she was serenaded and Rukia said “Nilikuwa nimekumbuka sana mamangu.”

“Mama ni mzima?” the presenter asked and Rukia shook her head then started crying.

The reason why she broke down is that she was overcome with emotion when she remembered her late mother who she wished could be here with her during this great occasion.

A situation that forced her baby daddy Mbosso to intervene and explain “Mamake akwisha fariki, usimkumbushe…” forcing the presenter to profusely apologize.


Death of Other Baby Mama

Singer Mbosso was recently thrown into mourning following the sudden demise of his baby mama, a comedian known as Boss Martha.

The ‘Hodari’ singer disclosed that he had been in a relationship with the comedian a few years ago which resulted in a baby.

Mbosso disclosed that before her demise, Marhta had complained of a headache but he didn’t think it would lead to something so heartbreaking.

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