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Meet the Man Who Accurately Predicted the Riverside Attack Over a Year Ago

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Just hours after the Kenyan police took control of the horrific Riverside Attack and managed to kill all the terrorists, a screenshot of a man who apparently predicted the whole event early last year has since gone viral.

Jeremiah Ndawula, through his Facebook account, accurately predicted that on 14th January 2019, Kenya would face an attack. While his prediction was a few hours off, the Riverside attack which took place on the 15th was almost too accurate to be a coincidence.

The Riverside attack is one of the few terrorist attacks which cost Kenyan lives in its war with Somalian terrorist group, Alshabab. 14 people were confirmed dead with over 700 people being rescued by police.

A lot of buzz has surrounded the screenshot which was shared online with many questioning its credibility. While some believe that this could just be another desperate tactic to get 15 seconds of internet fame, the photo is still giving many chills for its evident accuracy.

Among the few events predicted by Jeremiah Ndawula include:

  • Jusin the middle of the month of September 2018 one of the prominent politician shall shall go die.. Prayers needed
  • 2018 October 7th and 10th earthquake in Kampala and the neighboring country Kenya, only one child will be reported dead
  • 2019, January 14 at midnight the nation of Kenya will be attacked again and Nigeria also on 28th May

The Kenyan government has sworn to combat terrorism in the country and investigations to lead police to everyone involved in the recent Riverside Attack are already underway.

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