Meet the New Face of Kenyan Gospel Hip Hop, Lilfour Reborn

As the Kenyan Gospel industry continues to sink, a new creative artist has surfaced to become what many believe to be the new face of local rap music. With only two songs out, Lilfour Reborn is already winning hearts among local music fans with his multitalented approach.

Since he started his musical journey six years ago, Lilfour Reborn has been working with various upcoming artists in the country to try and revive the gospel industry. Through his inspirational music, the young artist seems ambitious to change the current perception of the gospel industry by local fans

In his latest release, Kilio Changu featuring upcoming sensational artist Amber J, Lilfour Reborn reflects on his ambitions in making it in his career. The song has inspired many fans in what seems like a poetic dream come true.

Coupled with his creative lyrics and unique rap style, Lilfour Reborn is easily the new Shakespeare in Kenyan Gospel song. In his new song, Kilio Changu, the young rapper has created a sensational banger as Amber J hits the final nail with her smooth vocals.

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