Mistaken Identity- Ciru Muriuki Attacked Over Ciku Muiruri’s Post

Media personality Ciru Muriuki was recently attacked by the wrong batterlion on social media following a post by Ciku Muiruri.

Ciku was talking of the last time she visited the late Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen at his home. She spoke much of how she interacted with his dogs which she described being so friendly.

The post however angered netizens who in return responded with harsh reactions towards the point that all she was concerned with during her visit were dogs.

However, the trolls did not go well as instead of her getting the attacks, Ciru, a person she has been confused with several times, did. Most people responded to the tweet but tagged Ciru along with something which left her in anger.

Many are times the two mix up people’s minds even after Ciru decided to use all her full names. It is not the first time this is happening.

The worst happened after Ciru put on dreadlocks just as Ciku making them look more alike.

Previously in the year 2016, Ciru addressed the issue of people addressing her as Ciku. She insisted that it was the about time people knew she was Angela Wanjiru Muriuki.

Asked why she cannot use the name Angela to avoid the confusion, she said the name never gave her a unique nature since back in high school there were their two ladies who had the same name.

“Now now. Just because Ciku Muiruri and I have eerily similar names doesn’t mean we share the same brain,” she said.

“She has her opinions, I have mine. We disagree all the time, and it’s cool, because again…we don’t share cerebral tissue.”

Following Ciku’s post about Cohen, Ciru came out to defend herself as she continued to receive attacks from netizens.

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