Mungu mpe nguvu! Meet Aurlus Mabele’s only child, Liza Monet

Soukous icon, Aurlus Mabele’s only surviving kin, Liza Monet is mourning the death of her father.

The French singer-songwriter of Reunion and Congolese origin took to her social media to pay tribute to the musical giant.

My dad died of coronavirus this morning … Thank you for honoring his memory. He is a great legend of Soukouss and a huge loss to the people of Congo. I am inconsolable and broken at the loss of my dad whom I love so much … Aurlus Mabele …”

‘I’m broken…’ Music legend Aurlus Mabele’s daughter Liza Monet speaks

Liza’s music journey ban back in 2012 when she released her debut music video, titled My Best Plan, it has over six million views on YouTube.

Two weeks ago, she released a new single off her 2018 album, Alexandra – which is also her real first name.

Her music style and fashion is inspired by Lil ‘Kim, Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott.

Remembering Aurlus Mabele! Life and time of the King of Soukous

Check her out in the photos below.

Liza MonetLiza Monet

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Liza MonetLiza MonetLiza MonetLiza MonetLiza MonetLiza Monet

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