Nadia Mukami Addresses Pregnancy Rumours

Fast-rising Kenyan artist Nadia Mukami has come out to address the pregnancy rumours that have been going around social media lately.

The rumours started one day ago after the songstress posted a photo in a long green sundress. Most of her fans are not used to this mode of dressing from Nadia as she usually wears tight outfits.

Immediately she posted the photo, people questioning if she’s pregnant began trickling in.

Wuodeuny asked, “Umetwangwa mimba aje haraka ivo?” Lynnyawirah joined in asking, “Should we prepare for suprise and start buying gifts as aunties and unncles😂😂😂😂😂something loadin?”

The questions about who the father is did not miss in the mix. Lavooh_the_boss threatened her to reveal the baby’s father by saying, “Tell us who’s the dad or sonko will do it!”

Sameboy803 asked, “Jst passing there,then I saw it,, let’s hope ni ya #arrowboy ama?”

Others like Blishan wanted to know the baby’s name. “During your time when God bless you with a son..what name will u give him??” Blishan asked.

Check out the controversial picture below:

In response, Nadia said that she is not pregnant. She defended herself by saying that it was just gas in her belly.

“Just happened to wear a maxi dress to change the norm. Hewa ikajaa kwa dress! I am not pregnant!” she reiterated.




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