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Nameless in trouble as daughter demands to move out

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Nameless with daughter Nyakio

Nameless is a man in trouble after his second born daughter, Nyakio Mathenge said she is ready to move out.

She is done being a member of the Mathenge’s and wants a new family.

Sharing his predicament on social media, Nameless wrote,

‘Weh…quarantine manenoz inaleta Vita kwa nyumba😅😅… Sijui kumeendaje na sistake @tumi.mathenge na mamake @wahukagwi huko kwa nyumba.

Amekuja hapa nje ati anataka familia ingine 😳🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😅😅.’

Nameless did not fall for the threat saying he knows how to handle his daughter’s tantrums.

‘Najua dawa yake. Atakuwa tu sawa☺️. 

Anyway that’s not the point , the point is… this a time to greatly reduce movement and save lives without even realizing it.

Also a good time to reflect and bond with your loved ones.”


‘Stay safe Stay home, save a life fam💪🏾👊🏾.. na Bibi amesema Asante for all the beautiful birthday wishes.’

Hii quarantine itatuonyesha mambo kweli.

What are some of the crazy things your kids have done or put you through during quarantine period?

Share in the comment section, tutoe stress pamoja.

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