Nasty C Reveals His Long-Hidden Secret – His “Special Toe”

South Africa’s youngest hit rapper and multiple award winner, Nasty C has finally revealed his “special toe”, a secret he has kept from the world since childhood.

While speaking in a convo with one of his closest friends, the young rapper opened up about his bullying experiences back in school and how he was constantly teased for being different and having a defect on his left toe.

“I just didn’t wanna deal with people talking about it, staring, teasing me about it..,” he said. “But now I see the bigger picture now.. I’m not the only one who’s different.. I’m not the only one who’s been teased as a kid, picked on.. That shit did hurt me as a kid, I would cry about it sometimes.. So this is my chance to show you guys that.. I’m human too.. ”

Nasty C is a creative lyricist and rap genius who took the world by surprise after he won several music awards two years ago. At only 21, he was crowned the most streamed African artist on Spotify and was signed by the Universal Music label.

In the video, Nasty C explained that being different as a kid was hard for him. From the constant ridicule by fellow peers to his own self-criticism, life was not as smooth as he had hoped. He, however, challenged himself constantly and hoped to make enough money to get his toe fixed.

“My sister was at home one time, and I told her that.. I wanna make so much money as a rapper so that I can afford to get an operation and get this shit fixed. ”

Nasty C went on to encourage his fans to learn to love themselves and accept who they really are. At the end of the day, validation from people doesn’t really pay your bills.

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