Natalie Tewa Speaks on Snatching Maureen Waititu’s Ex-Lover

The internet has been blowing up with rumours about Natalie Tewa snatching Maureen Waititu’s man Frankie Just-gymit.

It is not exactly clear who started the buzz but people soon caught on and ran with it. This could probably be because the two have perfectly sculpted bodies and God might have taken more time to create them.

Natalie has been globe-trotting around Europe for the past three weeks so it is no surprise that she didn’t address the rumours sooner. Natalie, who was previously dating her Ugandan ex Rnaze, was seemingly surprised when she heard the rumours after landing.

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In response, she clarified that the two of them are not dating and that she has no room for a relationship right now. This s understandable considering her and her ex had the nastiest breakup seen this side of the Sahara. The previous Youtube power couple was no more and she must have learnt something from that.


Frankie Just Gymit also took to his social media to finally put the rumours to bed. The gym freak oozed couple goals with Maureen on their Youtube channel Alpha Beta.

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They are blessed with two adorable sons and are trying to remain amicable in the split for them.


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