New Look Who Dis! Stivo Simple Boy Shows Off His New Set of Bling

Stivo Simple Boy has a new look!

He shared a photo of him in braces that were done at Lake Basin Orthodontic Centre, TRM. The ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker could not hide his joy because of the new journey he has begun.

Safari yangu ya smile imeanza, join ucheki vile nina transform smile ausio ndio maanake,” he stated.

His fans were excited with his new look and encouraged him to keep shining no matter what people say about his looks. They were full of positivity.

Here are some of the fan reactions;

@zawadi_collection: Walio kudharau siku moja watakusalimia kwa heshima. Taratibu tutafika.

@addikted_001: Mimi enyewe napenda huyu kijana.. no homo. BIG UP simple boy

@mikembwenya: Ata sisi tunafurai ukismile

@carolkanish: Walio kucheka siku moja wataona haya going scoring higher kijana msimple God will guide and protect you🙏

@silas_lemeria: You look good bro💥

@fidelismwangi: Stivo boy , God is great .Endelea kuwa inspiration…Ndio maanake

@romana_dubs: Such a beautiful smile…keep going vosti

@moh_cool_kid: Napenda… Courage.. Yako keep fire burning 

The rapper recently released another banger, Inauma which is one week old and has gained over 351,000 views.

In an Interview with Betty Kyalo, he confessed that he loves News anchor Betty Kyalo and has a strategy of winning her over.

The Kibera rapper came to the limelight after releasing ‘Mihadarati’ that captured Kenyans’ attention and since then he has never looked back.


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