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Nilikuwa na Mbio! Betty Kyallo Reveals Her Biggest Life Mistake

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We have all done a few things we are never proud of in our life but that’s what makes everything interesting right?

K24 News anchor Betty Kyallo has stunned social media users after she disclosed one of her life’s biggest regret.

In a series of Q and A with her sisters, the news anchor said that after her split with ex-husband Dennis Okari, she learnt that she had rushed into marriage.

Betty told her fans that her own marriage may have gone south because she rushed into it without thinking through.

“I think my biggest life regret was getting married a bit young cause I was 26. For me at 26, I had not really seen my full potential, I hadn’t lived life, there is no issue with that it because it happened,” said Betty.

She went on saying she is now ready to settle down because she has explored a few things by herself. She acknowledged knows that things went wrong in her previous marriage and she knows what she needs to look for in a partner.

“It wasn’t a mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life probably I would have waited for maybe a few years from now. I should have chilled, nlikuwa na haraka! Now it’s easy to let in somebody.” she added.

Among other things discussed on her IG story was on the traits she looks for in a partner and what men should do to win her over.

She was also asked why she doesn’t twerk on social media to entertain her fans but brushed it off saying she would rather do it for her husband.

Check out her Q and A session below:

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