No He’s Not Gay! Cute Photos Of Anyang’ Nyongo’s Son and His Future Wife That Will Melt Your Heart

As the saying goes, he who finds a wife finds a good thing.

On Saturday 6, November, Peter Nyong’o finally proposed to the love of his life Wanja Wahoro. The two lovebirds who met in 2015 have been going strong ever since.

In an exclusive event attended only by family and close friends, Peter Nyong’o gushed about his Fiancee Wanja Wahoro before popping the big question.

According to sources, the ring was purchased at the same shop where jewellery used for Lord of The Rings were bought. Talk about being eccentric.

This engagement has caught netizens off-guard as just months before, Junior’s sexuality was put on the spotlight by irate netizens angered by his dressing.

The proposal has finally put to bed those horrid gay claims Junior had to endure because of his unique dressing style.

Cute pictures of the two lovebirds are sure to warm your heart. Check them out below:


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As a 2nd/3rd culture kid you learn very early that ‘home’ is in people. Not a place. And it makes you hurt so much, for so long, maybe forever. People are fickle, temporary, constantly changing, unlike a landscape which is fixed. The soil, the view, the smell of wet grass in the morning may change or die – but your radius of existence, your coordinates on a map, stay the same. So it hurts to have your home intermingled with the transient, fluid nature of humanity. Home is with people. I never knew I could get so lucky to find another home in another human outside of the small family I know. It’s a gift. A gift you work at. Work for. Work with. Work through. @juniornyongo is one of the brightest beams of light ever to cast their shimmer on this earth. Bright, strong, beautiful, bold, brilliant and eternally blooming. A home to me, crafted from equal parts love, work and friendship. Each trait a material more sturdy than the one before it. I just thought you should know. These things are fragile and rare. And though I may not share about my personal life often, I just thought maybe you needed a reminder. Home is with people. Build well. . . Clothing from the gorgeous @lilabare collection #lilabarenolabels . Challenging our ideas about sustainability, gender and size 💙💙❄️❄️❄️🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

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