Nyota Ndogo Addresses Claims of Brother’s Death

Nyota Ndogo (Instagram)

Mombasa-based songbird Mwanaisha Abdala, popularly known as Nyota Ndogo is saddened after Kenyans unwittingly posted condolence messages on her page after learning of her brother’s death.

On her official Instagram page, Nyota Ndogo was disappointed by the ignorance and people’s quickness to post stuff on social media without confirming or verifying the facts.

Nyota was shocked to learn that Kenyans had ‘killed’ her brother Musa Tutu thinking that he was Juma Toto. This was due to the similarity of the names but with the second one being a bit different.

Legendary Rhumba Musician Juma Toto

She claims that she had received many calls which made her sick and was relieved that her mother didn’t get this fake message first.

“Sijui kwanini Mtu atashea kitu kama hiki kabla kujulia habari hizi kutoka kwa familia.my brother sio TOTO NI TUTU..najaribu kufikiria habari hizi zingemfikia mamaangu kwanza kabla mtu mwengine na mwenyewe hasikii poa si anauliwa na mshitiko tu jamani.i got so many calls today mie mwenyewe nimepata tumbo la Muharo gafla.kweli yote Tisa damu nzito kuliko maji,” read her post.

The “Watu na Viatu” hit-maker also used the opportunity to warn Kenyans against hastily sharing information online without verifying it.

Juma Toto’s death 

On Thursday, Kenyans woke up to the sad news that popular Rhumba musician Musa Toto had passed on due to a brain haemorrhage brought on after he collapsed on 6 September.  

He was the co-founder of Music Corporate Society of Kenya (MCSK) and is deemed as one of the pioneers of the rumba genre among his peers. 



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