Octopizzo Under Fire After Allegedly Killing 19-Year Old Strathmore Student

Kenyan king of ghetto hip hop, Octopizzo found himself on the spot earlier yesterday after reports of a recent student’s death put him on the scene. According to witnesses in the area, the Number Nane hitmaker gave the young Strathmore student a thorough beating before chasing him with a machete.

Octopizzo (real name, Henry Ohanga) has been the face of Kenyan hip hop music for a long time. He has managed to build a brand in ghetto music and he is literally swimming in money and ambassadorship deals. He is well known as the voice of Kibera, Africa’s second largest slum.

In his recent scandal, Octopizzo allegedly found 19-year-old Kenneth Abom in his house in Woodley estate, Kibera. The young man, who was a student at Strathmore University, was apparently a huge fan and was perhaps just looking for an autograph.

According to witness reports, Octopizzo attacked the young student (Kenneth Abom) and after giving him a thorough beating, he grabbed a machete and chased him to the fourth floor of the building. Fearing for his life, Kenneth Abom jumped off the building and fell to his death

Friends and family have since come out to push for Octopizzo’s arrest for the murder of their relative. Police are still investigating the death of the young Strathmore student.

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