“Ommy Dimpoz is Well and Ready to Get Back into the Game” Says Ali Kiba

After months of silence following his sickness and unavoidable esophagus replacement surgery, Ommy Dimpoz is finally well again and ready to get back into the game. While speaking to XXL Clouds Fm, Ali Kiba confirmed that the Nai Nai hitmaker has fully recovered and has already recorded a new song that is currently awaiting release.

“Hali ya Ommy Dimpoz inaendelea vizuri na amesha record tayari, so mashabiki wategemee kitu kizuri kutoka kwake…” Ali Kiba confirmed in the interview

But what really happened to Ommy Dimpoz? Well, the story is quite long, but I’ll try to make it simple. See Dimpoz was having some trouble swallowing food, so he decided to go to for a hospital check-up in Dar es Salaam. The physician there diagnosed him with cancer which the Baadae Bongo star would later realize was a false diagnosis.

After several other incidents, Ommy Dimpoz was taken to South Africa for extensive treatment where they attributed his condition to food poisoning. The Me N You album genius agreed to have an esophagus replacement procedure done and luckily, he came out of the surgery fine.

Despite the many rumors of his critical condition after the surgery, friends close to Ommy Dimpoz, among them Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist Ali Kiba, have maintained that Mr. Dimpoz is fine. In his latest interview, Ali Kiba confirmed that the Tanzania Yanje hitmaker has already recorded a new song which is yet to be released for public streaming and download. With all the tension that has been surrounding Ommy Dimpoz, we can expect this new song to hit major stats fast.

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