Otile Brown Finally Speaks After ‘Intentionally’ Almost Killing A Boda Boda Rider

‘Baby love’ crooner Otile Bown has finally come out to address rumours going round of him intentionally crashing and abandoning a Boda Boda rider.

The news of the crash together with picture evidence made rounds late last week after Opera News broke the news with an exclusive interview.

“We were behind Otile during the point of the accident,” he started.

He then went on to add, “Otile was driving behind Dohty Family’s DJ Ramosh who was on the boda boda. Before the accident, Otile seemed to be in a hurry and hooted at the rider to give way. The rider told him that if he is in such a hurry then he should jump over the boda and drive away. Otile Brown got angry and a heated exchange ensued, when the rider finally yielded, it was too late as Otile crashed into them in anger and also hit a parked a car and an elderly man.”

Taking to his Instagram page, the artiste started by acknowledging that he did indeed have an accident on the said Wednesday night.

“To my dear fans, family, friends and supporters, my team and I would like to officially acknowledge the accident I had on Wednesday the 20th of November 2019 around Yaya Centre involving my car with a boda boda carrying 2 passengers,” he started.

He continued by clarifying rumours that he abandoned the injured in the scene of the accident.

“My team and I took the injured persons to the hospital and made sure they received the needed necessary treatment and we catered for the resulting bills.2 people had sustained minor injuries and were released on the same night after treatment while the rider of the boda boda Mr. Yassin Maina Richard had to be admitted to the hospital for further check up.” he said.

On top of covering the medical bills, Otile Brown extended his goodwill by ensuring that the victim, Mr Yassin will have no excuse not to get back on the road. As Otile’s Mercedes Benz destroyed the bodaboda, he has confirmed that he bought the driver a new one.

“I have kept constant communication with Mr. Yassin’s family and to enable him resume earning a living for his family I have procured a new motorbike for him. While accidents are unavoidable, we must remain human. I would like to thank all those who called to check on me and continue praying for Mr. Yassin’s recovery. God bless you all.” signed off Otile.

This comes after Kibera residents warned Otile Brown against stepping foot in Kibera or perform in any event held in their hood.

“Watu wa Kibra wamesema asiwai pitia kibera or even think of kupitia Kibera, kuperform rather” a resident told Opera news.

Hopefully, Otile Brown’s good deeds will rub off on them. Check out Otile’s post with more videos below:

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