Otile Brown Injures 2 Men After ‘Intentionally’ Ramming into Them with Mercedes (Video)

Otile and his Merc (Courtesy)

Singer Otile Brown is accused of ramming into a boda boda and injuring the people on it on Wednesday night at around 11 pm.

The scene took place at Yaya center (close to Ad Life plaza) where an exchange between the driver and Otile turned ugly and the stone-cold sober singer rammed into the boda boda. This is according to an eyewitness who was behind Otile at the time of the accident.

Otile and his Merc (Courtesy)

“We were behind Otile during the point of the accident,” he started.

He then went on to add, “Otile was driving behind Dohty Family’s DJ Ramosh who was on the boda boda. Before the accident, Otile seemed to be in a hurry and hooted at the rider to give way. The rider told him that if he is in such a hurry then he should jump over the boda and drive away. Otile Brown got angry and a heated exchange ensued, when the rider finally yielded, it was too late as Otile crashed into them in anger and also hit a parked a car and an elderly man.”

Following the horrific incident, Otile was cooperative and offered to call the cops and ambulance but another argument ensued when he tried to remove his car from the scene of the accident.

Realizing that he was in a sticky mess, Otile Brown called his friends and one of them arrived in a Prado and the injured were taken to Kenyatta Hospital. The crowd was still baying for Otile’s blood and Kriss Darlin who had also arrived at the scene managed to calm the crowd and quickly whisked Otile to Kenyatta Hospital.

At Kenyatta, Otile got away in a friend’s car amid the commotion at the hospital.

In all this, the witness claimed that Otile was sober, he crashed into the boda boda intentionally.

Otile and his Merc (Courtesy)

Given how grave these accusations are, we called up Otile but our calls went unanswered.

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