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Party to Send off Old Notes Leaves Kenyans Excited

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When Uhuru Kenyatta and Central Bank of Kenya gave an ultimatum for the old 1000 notes, Kenyans didn’t think that the end of September would come this soon.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had promised to stamp out graft when he was first elected in 2013, but critics say he has been slow to pursue top officials and there have been few high profile convictions since he took office.

Politics had been run left, right and center concerning these notes and even top leaders were implicated.

The deadline for the old notes is now here and clubs in the city were also not left behind.

Netizens, however, were excited to note that there are clubs in the city that were holding send-off party gigs where their patrons can spend the old notes for drinks and food before the D-day.

The poster reads: “This Furahi day we hold a vibe. Old notes send-off party 🔥😂 Usikubali kupitwa na rieng’ come exchange your old 1000ksh notes for 4 local beers as we near the deadline day. Music policy by our very own ……”

Here are some reactions:

@OdeckAringoh:Najua kuna waluhya wameplan kuenda ushago juu ya “old ksh.1000 notes sendoff”…na hatuwezi waambia kitu

@SyataLinda:Someone has sent me a message asking kama tunaenda send off party ya old 1000/= notes 

This Furahi day we hold a vibe // Old notes send off paarty 🔥😂 Usikubali kupitwa na rieng come exchange your old 1000ksh…

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