Photos: Margaret Kenyatta Shows Us How To Slay As a First Lady

Mrs. Kenyatta came to the limelight just after Uhuru was elected as the President of Kenya on 9th April 2013.

She captured our eyes with her short grey hair that has encouraged other women to have the same hairdo, sense of style and her golden heart.

Besides that, the mother+ of three is passionate about helping and making society a better place. She started a campaign called, The Beyond Zero Campaign. It was started to improve child and maternal health in Kenya.

There is no doubt that Margaret Kenyatta is the most fashionable First Lady we have had in Kenya. She knows how to dress her body, how to mix colors and pair her outfits right. Her sense of style is decent, elegant, classy with a touch of African vibe.

Here are some of her best looks;

“She wears a stunning black and red dera that added a Swahili touch.”
“How she has paired her dress with the white Kenyan scarf is too gorge!”
“She decided to make this look more vibrant by adding Maasai accessories.”

“How she has worn this Kikuyu culture outfit is evident she loves culture.”

“Wow! This Ankara Cap Top is beyond amazing!”

“Ankara trend is always classy when done right.”

“Stripes and Monochrome (The Black-White color) trend is a good combo.”
“Our First Lady definitely has an eye for Ankara fashion.”

“She never lets down her husband, isn’t she glowing in that green dera?”

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