Photos of the Sexy Samperu Twins Allegedly Dating Rekless

Controversial banger Tarimbo introduced to us the Samperu twins who have taken the internet by storm.

These hottie video vixens Stephie Samperu and Santaola Samperu are ideal figures of what most Kenyan men look for in their women. They are daredevils and have the looks.

According to the grapevine, the twins whose too-close-for-siblings behaviour has raised eyebrows, are said to be in a relationship with Rekless.

Word on the streets is that the twins usually date one man at a time and Reckless happens to be the lucky lad this time. Though the gossip has left tongues wagging, they have not commented on the matter. All they have done so far is post a cryptic message after the news broke out.

“Kama hailipi haituhusu,” reads a message on their Instagram account.

Below are photos of the Samperu twins:




Tarimbo by Ethic

A couple of weeks ago, Ethic Entertainment suffered a blow after the deletion of their new song “Tarimbo” from YouTube following backlash on the interweb.

The song brazenly talked about ejaculating inside a woman without her consent hence the uproar to have it pulled it down.

Kenya’s moral cop and Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive officer vowed to have the song pulled down and he succeeded.

Moments after the song was off YouTube, the group apologized to the public and all those who the lyrics could have triggered negative memories or emotions.

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