[PHOTOS] Times Actress Awinja Has Served Body Goals In Sexy Skin-Revealing Outfits

We have all known Jacky Vike- Awinja for her role play as a house help in the Papa Shirandula show. From the perception created by her role, fans associate her with a lady who seems so conservative when it comes to her style of dressing.

However, Awinja has proved to us that there are always two sides to a coin. Contrary to her character in the show, the actress has been serving body goals in trendsetting outfits.

In real life, Awinja is more than the lady we see in a headwrap and a sagging camisole. The mother of one has not just caught our attention for her exceptional talent but has equally done so with her fashion designs.

In a recent photo, Awinja left team mafisi thirsting after she shared a sexy bikini photo. This is not the first time she had showed off her flawless skin and is probably not the last.

Her outfits reflect a confident woman who does not shy off from giving us a glimpse of her fine body. Even in decent outfits, Awinja still manages to look attractive as ever.

Check out some of the photos where Awinja stepped out looking sexy

Booty shorts vybe

Sassy bareback dress

Time to show some cleavage

Bikini in Santorini 

The seductive see-through top

Image result for Jacky Vike Sexy

Rocking that baby bump in  dungaree shorts


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