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Pierra Makena Outshines Secular Djs as Most Influential

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Secular female Dj, Pierra Makena, is all smiles after she was ranked as the most influential secular Dj in Kenya.

The list, which involved twenty Djs left most of the fans disappointed as they never expected Pierra to be the lead on the list.

Taking to social media, netizens flooded with reactions stating that the list was incorrect and unfair.


Although Kenyans did not accept the list, some of the DJs in the list seem to be okay with it as they took to social media to celebrate for appearing in the top twenty.

This comes shortly after the top 100Kenyan journalist list was released. The list which saw Jeff Koinange as the lead was rejected by Kenyans as they felt that there were journalists who are better than him.

The media house which came up with the list explained that it used various elements to come up with the best journalists. These elements were the ability to gather quality news, assessing, creating and presenting them to the public.

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14 shares, 146 points


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