Radio Presenter Annitah Raey’s Wise Words to Kenyan Ladies in Relationship

Top radio presenter Annitah Raey has come out to warn Kenyan ladies in a relationship against judging their men.

Because many ladies , always suspect the man she is dating is cheating on her whenever she notice any behavioral change.

Taking to her Twitter account, the queen of the mic advised ladies to first check if the man she is dating is happy with the relationship before checking if he is cheating on her.

Annitah, who is a victim of depression, also reveal that many men who are in relationships are battling with depression without the knowledge of their partners.

“Dear ladies,, start checking on your man if he is happy before checking if he’s cheating,, many men are battling depression,” she wrote.


Depression in Kenya

A new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicated 1,952,981 Kenyans (about 4.4% of the country’s population), were battling depressive disorders.

The point is that the number of Kenyans ending their lives for various but sometimes related reasons seems to be on a steady rise, and the report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) appeared to have some possible answers on why this is the case.

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Experts believe most Kenyans may not be aware that they are depressed and may be in need of help from those around them, failure to which the already bad situation might get worse and even end up in someone committing suicide in severe cases.

“Depression is quite common but many people might not realize that they are depressed. The people around you might notice that you are getting sad most of the time and most of the days for a long period. You might lose interest in things you enjoyed doing previously. One might feel unworthy…It might also affect appetite, sleep and in severe cases people might start getting suicidal thoughts,” Dr Cathrine Mutisya explained while appearing on Citizen TV on March 25, 2019.



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