Rapper Prezzo’s Ex-Lover Finally Addresses Drug Abuse Claims

Rapper Prezzo’s ex-lover Amber Lulu has finally responded to drug abuse allegations.

Rumors had it that the singer has been using hard drugs for a while now and this raised concern.

Amber clarified that she does not sniff hard drugs neither does she smoke. She, however, admitted that she drinks alcohol moderately.

“Kuna mahater, unga haujifichi endapo unautumia unaonekana. Tangia waliposema mpaka leo nazidi kupendeza.” She said

She also blamed haters for spreading such lies and hinted that it was one of the reasons why her relationship with Prezzo came to an end.

Amber Lulu then explained that social media life messed up her relationship and this led her to part ways with the Kenyan rapper.

She added that people used to Dm Prezzo saying nasty things about her and this also contributed to the break-up.

The singer says she has since learnt to keep her private life off social media after her past relationship.

In one of her previous posts after the break-up, Prezzo’s ex disclosed that she had dumped him because he was good for nothing.


Sometimes mtu unachoka kwa tabia za mtu jaman kuna watu wanatabia ngumu sana me ctak kusikia from now kuusu huyu mtu tenaaaa 😪😪 good for nothing unaweza kusema unavumilia kumbe unapoteza muda🖕

Amber Lulu also spoke about her leaked pornographic video which went viral years ago describing it as the most embarrassing thing she went through.

She, however, added that although the internet never forgets, she has never made an effort to block the video from platforms like youtube.



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