Savage! Wangechi Slams Annoying Christian With a Hilarious Comment

Talented female artist and witty rapper, Wangechi, is not a stranger to throwing shade at annoying fans on Twitter.

In a recent tweet shared on her wall, the “Tulia Tu” hitmaker slammed an annoying fan on Twitter who tried to express her religious mojo on Wangechi’s tweet.

The tweet was a response to Wangechi’s reply to a tweet about Kenyan accidents. Wangechi, been a road accident survivor, was quick to express her opinion on how seat belts saved her life.

An annoying Christian, however, tried to disagree with Wangechi by giving all the credit to God. The witty Wangechi is not one to let such comments slide. She responded to the tweet in a simple and vivid way, making it clear that she prefers to follow logic rather than mere religious beliefs.

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