Shetta Opens Up About His Plans to Marry Mange Kimambi

Shetta is finally ready to tie the knot again, this time with Tanzanian Free Speech Activist and Political Commentator, Mange Kimambi. During an interview with Bongo5, the Hatufanani Bongo Flava artist shared, among other things, his relationship with Mange.

Looking back into Shetta’s first marriage, this comes as a surprise to many of his fans mainly because his first relationship ended pretty badly. After buying his then-wife a car, she rudely rejected it after the couple had an argument over Shetta’s alleged cheating with Tanzanian actress Rose Ndauka. In an interview with Cloud Fm’s Ala Za Roho, Shetta publicly begged his wife to come back home after she had left.

Meanwhile, Mange Kimambi is going through a heated beef with Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan. This started during Prince Nillan’s (Zari’s last born son) second birthday when Mange Kimambe said that Diamond Platnumz is not the boy’s biological father. This was, perhaps, just a silly comment but Zari Hassan did not take it lightly. The successful businesswoman went on to insult Mange Kimambi calling her a chimpanzee and a prostitute.

“Five years in a row you have been on my case three of those on Tiffah’s, two of those on Nillan. One clapback sends you to ICU crying victim. If it hurts to insult your kids why insult mine? Huna haya chimpanzee malaya wwe. Tunaendelea na Handsome’s bday. If it hurts to insult your kids for a day, why insult mine for years, Low life whore..” she wrote on her wall.

Shetta and Mange Kimambi have been secretly dating behind the scenes. In fact, Shetta admitted in the interview that he has already met Mange’s parents. He loves how she supports him and his music and seemed pretty sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her

Watch the whole interview now

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