Si Lazima Mnunue! Huddah Goes Mad After Fans Threaten To Boycott Her Products

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

Huddah Monroe has gone on a tirade after fans threatened to boycott her products over her fat-shaming comments.

In an earlier post concerning plus-sized singer Lizzo’s nude photo, Huddah wrote, “They swear she is confident in her own skin and call her thick. B*tch is FATTT. In capital letters. A whole elephant. Let us stop lying to these women and promote healthy living.”

The post came back to bite her after some fans threatened to boycott her products with one of her fans even reminding her that the women she is referring to as elephants are the same ones that buy her products.

“Us elephants are the ones using your products by the way. Woooow did you even think before you wrote this?” asked an angry fan.

Huddah’s post (Instagram)

A comment that sent her on a rant.

“Stop thinking coz I post cosmetics that’s my daily bread. That’s for your nosey asses to see online. I have many businesses. If cosmetics was feeding me and buying me houses it wouldn’t be so affordable! I barely make any profits out of it coz I wanna make skinny & fat women look good. Si lazima ununue,” read one of her posts.

 Huddah’s post (Instagram)

Miss Monroe then went on to disclose that she doesn’t make much money from Huddah Cosmetics.

“I barely make a $1 on my products. So don’t think you have the power to feed me. You DON’T. Whether you buy my products or not. You will still see me at the top. You ain’t God…So every time I post something, you remind me you buy my products as if when u stop u will see me on your door begging for food or shelter. You don’t have that power over me,” she added.

Huddah’s post (Instagram)

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