So Sad! Photos of Boy Reporting to School in Rongo With Only a Bar of Soap Leaves Kenyans in Tears

A brave young boy who showed up for his form one enrolment with nothing but two bars of soap has broken quite a number of hearts in Kenya.

The situation first posted on Facebook by user Peter Oduor has since gone viral. According to him, the boy reported to form one at Kanga High School in Rongo with a box that had two bar soaps.

His tear-jerking situation yet bravery to face it has led to a united call for action to well-wishers to help the student financially so that he can continue with his studies stress-free.

George Angir said, “Am currently shading tears. The boy has done his part, studied very hard, passed KCPE, got admission letter to join Kanga high school and did not stop there, carried his empty box to be admitted. Waaah! Well-wishers, please let’s join hands.”

Mohammed Khaled answered the call to action by saying, “Home and Hospitality Textiles Manufacturing Co. Will donate a duvet, 2 bedsheets and a pillow. Is there any of his family who can pick up for him.”

Check out the photos of the boy below:

No photo description available.

His situation is not unique in the country as many students drop out of school early due to lack of school fees and financial constraints. With the ongoing form one admissions going on, many helpless students have been forced to stay home despite the promise of free secondary education by the government.

“When I remember we were told primary and secondary education will be free. Then we see this just know as citizens we are on our own,” Joel Amenya K lamented.

Fred Mc’Olanya added, “The government gave out scholarship, my question is who received these slots. Yaani hii Kenya miradi nzuri nzuri huanzishwa lakini huishia kwa wasiolengwa jameeni!”

Delvis Nyamo said, “ooh God have mercy on us while we are launching a BBI using billions,small boys who want their dream to be true can’t b helped.”

This comes after Grandpa Records CEO Refigah came to the rescue of one such student who had scored a clean 425 marks out of 500 in KCPE. More well-wishers need to step up and follow his example.

Check out other reactions from other Kenyans empathizing with the young boy.

Fredrick Obiero One thing am sure is that the boy is so rich in his mind.Time will tell and education has always been the best bet equalizer.Go for it young chap.👌👌

Christine Nabwire A child should not go through this kind of stress. I can’t imagine what was going through his mind when he just decided to brave it all and show up 😢

Ed Wadegu So many of such cases esp in Lua Nyanza, this is like the 60th case I’m hearing. This is a crisis and a permanent solution needs to be found.

Timothy Ochieng @ my age I just had to shade tears when I came across this post!!! inanikumbusha way back in 1995 when I took myself to Itierio Mixed high school in Kisii.. with less school fees -Minus Shopping.. Trust me I was admitted and today here I am.. Kindly nisaidieni number ya huyu Mama.. I believe that He’s A God Of Destiny & Better Must Come!!!


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