Socialite or Attention-Seeker? Noti Flow Shares Pics of Her Nude Photo Shoot

Kenyan controversial female rapper, Noti Flow has once again taken the internet by surprise after sharing pics of her latest nude photoshoot on Instagram. The photo has received lots of mixed reactions from both fans and haters.

Noti Flow is easily any man’s alluring dream of sex appeal. She thrives in drama and controversies and she has, time and again, proved that she will do anything to keep the world talking about her publicity life.

At just 23, Noti Flow is already a big media personality, partly because of her musical talent and partly because of her “high-maintenance” celebrity life. While she is a talented art queen, Flow is known to keep her life scandalous enough for everybody to notice

Noti Flow rose to fame after she was featured in the reality show, Nairobi Diaries. She confessed that she gave up sports to pursue music and was lucky enough to make it in the industry. Her song, Kamatia, is still one of the hottest hip hop tracks ever produced by a Kenyan female artist.

Noti Flow, born Florence Kutoto, is currently dating old school rapper, Colonel Mustafa and predictably, she ensures to keep their romantic life public for the world to jealous on.

In her latest photoshoot, Noti Flow did some nude photos for an unknown event and shared a sneak peek of her bare body on Instagram. Surprisingly, many of her fans didn’t seem shocked by the photo mainly because they are used to seeing her semi-nude photos online.


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Shiid I look like a fvckin piece of art ? ?️ ✨ ?

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