Stunning Ankara Looks Nairobi Ladies Can Steal From Rev. Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kuina of JCC is a straight woman when it comes to fashion and her looks.

They say God is a God of order and we all have to agree Rev. Kathy Kiuna is a star that strongly advocates slaying even in the church.

She is one of the best-dressed preachers in the country and her ushers and choir members are not far off either! She has many Kenyan ladies envying her wardrobe which always brings a statement. And she rarely repeats them as it seems.

Over the years Kathy Kiuna has remained so beautiful and looks even younger, despite having three children and two grandkids. She is full of energy when on stage in her popular church JCC.

Looking at her Instagram profile, you can tell that her fashion inspiration has strongly been influenced by her modern outlook on the church and also her African roots.

African outfit has claimed a niche in the world of fashion better than we had thought before.

When poorly done, Ankara fashion would look ugly and also old fashioned, but with careful precision and modern design, Ankara is a thing for your day.

With December kicking in a few days, rocking these designs will make you stand out no matter the occasion.

Below are some tips ladies can steal Kathy Kiuna.

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