‘Tanasha doesn’t deserve child support from Diamond, she chose to leave’ Andrew Kibe

Days after saying she does not care whether her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz supports his baby or not, Andrew Kibe has said Tanasha deserves no support.
According to Andrew, It’s Tanasha who chose to walk away.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Andrew said
‘It cannot be true. How do we know that? But Tanasha comes from money ama? She is the one who walked out on him.
she has her own money she can also take care of her son. She is the one who chose to leave so he can send when he wants to…

In a recent interview with Jalango, Tanasha exposed for allegedly being a dead beat dad to their son Naseeb Jnr.
 “I will be honest with you, I will be real and say that with all the respect I have for him I have been doing it all on my own.
I have no bad blood with him but I will not sit here and lie to you and say something that is not the case. He is not supporting, I am doing it on my own.
And I do not need his support to be honest because I am raising my son well and he doesn’t lack anything. he is fine and that is what matters.” Tanasha opened up
Do you agree with Andrew Kibe that Tanasha does nlot deserve any child support from Diamond?
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