Tanasha Donna Finally Reveals Her Son’s Name

Diamond’s lover Tanasha Donna has finally revealed her baby’s name weeks after delivery.

The radio presenter unveiled her son’s name –Naseeb Junior- on her Instastory and also announced that she had opened an Instagram account for her child.

Her son takes from Diamond Platnumz’s name, Nasibu Abdul Juma.  Naseeb Junior joins the long list of celebrity kids who have Instagram accounts although his account remains private.

Diamond’s mother posted on her Instagram page to confirm the information even though some fans doubt that this is his official birth name.

“Naseeb & Naseeb 👬 twinning❣❣ @naseeb.junior 👑” she wrote on her post

Tanasha and Diamond’s family have been so keen to keep the baby boy on the low by revealing very little about him.

Some fans  have expressed dissatisfaction suggesting that it is not interesting for a father and son to share the same name.

Many are convinced that this might as well be the nickname that the family has chosen to ride along with.

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Apart from the name, Diamond has a lot in common with his son from physical outlook to the fact that they share the same birth date 2nd October.

Ever since his birth, Tanasha and Diamond have never revealed their son’s face although a good number of his photos have been doing rounds on social media.

Tanasha has always spoken highly of her son revealing that despite the labor pain, there is so much joy that comes with being a mother.


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