Tanasha fires back after fan accused her of rocking ‘old’ hair

Tanasha Donna is inching closer to her due date, and as she inches closer, her patience for trolls is running out.

Miss Donna had a burning comeback after a fan accused her of rocking a wig for three weeks and yet her baby daddy has money.

“Nawewe tanasha badilisha izo nywele Sasa mke waboss unakaa nanyele wiki3 unatia aibu bana???,”alice.msuya.100 wrote.

Tanasha Donna quickly snapped back with,“ Maybe if you took good care of your natural hair, like I do, you wouldn’t be so bitter… I got some good products I can recommend.”


Body-skimming clothes 

This is not the first time Tanasha has come under fire over her appearance. A few weeks ago, Tanasha was criticised for wearing body-skimming clothes during her pregnancy.

Critics claimed that her tight clothes were harming the baby. Defending herself, Miss T responded by saying that her clothes are stretchy enough to accommodate her bump plus she wouldn’t do anything to harm or jeopardize her child’s health.

“I appreciate the concern, here are the facts tho: I’m wearing stretch material that’s actually quite comfortable. I would not harm my child or jeopardize his health. Secondly, the baby is surrounded by a lot of body fluids, and there is a layer of flesh between the uterus and my skin. Lesson of the day to my pregnant sisters: Wearing tight clothes does NOT harm your unborn child,” wrote Tanasha.

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