“Tanzanian Musicians Are Trash!” Kenyans Angry After Poor Performance at Wasafi Festival

The long-awaited Wasafi Festival was finally in Nairobi for the New Year’s celebration. The event was, however, met by a lot of negativity just minutes after the Wasafi Crew took the stage.

It has been said, time and again, that Kenyans are a tough crowd, and this couldn’t be truer following the harsh messages posted online by fans who had high hopes for the big event. From the terrible performances done by the Wasafi crew to the controversial drama that followed after the Lava Lava groping video, the year is on to a rough start for the Tanzanian Bongo artists.

The Wasafi Festival was scheduled for the New Year’s celebrations at the Uhuru Gardens and everything was going as planned. But after the Wasafi crew took on the stage, it was clear that people were bored with their performances. This led to a big outburst of harsh tweets criticizing the Bongo Flava artists that went on for hours.

All was not lost, however, after Kenyan urban singer, Naiboi, saved the event and did an epic performance for the angry crowd. This was a great lesson for many music fans on the importance of appreciating local talent.

Naiboi ended up taking all the credit for the Wasafi Festival and we can all agree that it was a well-deserved win for him.

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