That’s My Headache – Huddah on Explaining Semi-Nude Photos to Her Parents

Huddah Monroe (Instagram)

Huddah Monroe has a myriad of nude photos online. Some were taken while she was aware while others like the ones leaked when she was in Big Brother Africa, were unintentional.

However, for the intentional ones, Huddah remains unapologetic about them claiming that she is still young and nubile and will celebrate her body while she is still unmarried. She also revealed that explaining the racy photos to her parents and kids is her headache not her critics’.

“Lil African Ting! Here to remind u that Small butts matter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣And that I’m also not married. No kids yet so I can post what I want! And Don’t worry about what my kids or family will think when they see these photos. That should be my headache! Not yours!!!!” she wrote.

Small butts matter – Huddah 2019 (Instagram)


Huddah is not the only celebrity who has come out guns blazing after people questioning her over her photos. Corazon Kwamboka caused quite a stir on social media in 2018 after sharing a photo of her ample backside after breaking up with her mzungu bae.

While some people enjoyed the view others were critical of the raunchy pic and declared that her mode of dressing is not only an embarrassment to her parents but also a mockery of her profession as an advocate of the High Court.

Corazon’s risque picture (Instagram)

In her clap back, Corazon claimed that the only reason people are so worked up is that she is not skinny.

“Had this been a skinny person they wouldn’t be shouting here, next time I’ll wear a potato sack to the beach. I was gonna delete it but I think I’ll let it stay to piss them off,” she posted.

She also responded to those who claimed that her sexy picture is an embarrassment to her parents by writing that the only parents who would be affected by such pictures are those that sexualize their children.

“The way they say don’t wear a short dress in front of your dad. Why would it be a problem if your dad is not a pervert? Your parents shouldn’t sexualize you. To them, you are either a daughter or a son whether you are in buibui or naked,” commented Corazon.

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