The Real Reason Why Nobody Would Hire Celina After Quitting Mother-in-law

Catherine Kamau aka Celina (Instagram)

After 8 years of playing the role of Celina on Citizen TV’s Mother-in-law show, Catherine Kamau-Karanja made her final bow, albeit begrudgingly.

In a past interview with K24, Mrs Karanja disclosed that things were getting too uncomfortable in the Mother-in-law set and she had to quit in a huff.

“Familiarity brings contempt and sometimes people don’t understand your value until you leave. The situation was getting so uncomfortable, I was breaking away, I wanted to do other things. I just resigned without a plan, there was something that happened,” she said.

I just resigned without a plan – Catherine (Instagram)

In retrospect, Celina revealed that she felt that she should have left more graciously.

“Looking back, it was God’s time, it was time for me to leave but I wish if left in a nice (way) but the cast, we still family. I didn’t want to leave but I had to leave. One of those situations,” she explained.

After leaving the show she quickly learned that the streets were cold and securing a job with her profile was a tall order. She got broke and things got scary.

Things got scary (Instagram)

However, as they say, a tight place is a good space for metamorphosis, Kate grew from an actress to a content creator. Her first foray in production proved to be a success and her first show ‘Sue na Jonnie’ earned her critical acclaim and bagged awards.

“It reached a point where I had done this show for over 8 years and I had the urge to grow. Once I left the show, no one was hiring me, because one, my value was high and there was no other way. I had to create something for myself. It was scary, I was broke I waited for almost two years but I did it,” she revealed on her YouTube channel explaining how she morphed into a content creator.

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