Upcoming Gospel Veteran Yuh Vee Drops New Song, Hukunicorrect

Kenyan gospel upcoming artist, Yuh Vee is out with his first single dubbed Hukunicorrect, which is already catching on among music fans locally. The young artist is slowly working his way up the local charts and many are already rooting for his success in his new musical career.

Yuh Vee is a young talented gospel artist who, like many, has come from nothing and still managed to make something out of his talent. From his unique vocals to creative locals, the Hukunicorrect hitmaker brings a fresh performance in the industry from the usual ‘fillers’

Hukunicorrect is an emotional creed song that tells a tale of Yuh Vee’s dark past and ultimate redemption. The young gospel musician explains his remorse after he realized how far he had fallen. But through his faith, he finally got to fix his conscience though moral atonement.

Yuh Vee is currently working with local music producers to showcase his musical talent. His latest song, Hukunicorrect is a clear index for his music potential and is already gaining some momentum in the local music charts. While he is still new in the music world, we can expect more from the talented singer in the near future.

Download Hukunicorrect by Yuh Vee 

For Bookings, you can contact Yuh Vee through +254 715 820194

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