(VIDEO) Jamaican Artist Excites Netizens After Crowd Surfing on Top of Woman

Pure dancehall madness! A Jamaican Artist has excited netizens after a video of him crowd surfing on top of a woman emerged online.

The video which has since gone viral shows a woman laid up on top of a mattress which is being held up by the crowd. There are already so many ways which this could have gone wrong but they surprisingly pulled it off.

In the video, the dancehall artist is seen hyping the crowd before taking the leap of faith and jumping on to the mattress to join the half-naked woman. They are then moved around the crowd as the artist ‘dagger’s’ the ready lady.

Check out the viral video below;

Jamaican stars and dancers have sealed their name in the history books, not only as fast athletes but as the most extra people where their music is concerned.

While Jamaican Artists are known for doing the most on stage, their antics have time and again hurt them. It’s all fun and games until sh*t hits the fan.

Take for example this video of a man whose attempts at ‘dangering’ went all the way south.

Or this other time where a dancer and performer set herself on fire in the process of her antics.

These next two videos show dancers who shocked everyone when they fell off the stage.

Dancehall is truly as wild as we see on the music videos. If you must, proceed with caution.

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