(Video) Pastor Ng’ang’a Meets the ‘Devil’ From Gatundu

                                     Pastor Ng’ang’a

Neno Evangelism Founder, Pastor Ng’ang’a, has been making headlines for his controversial ways of preaching and casting out demons.

Despite facing wrath from Kenyans following his dramatic viral videos, pastor Ng’ang’a seems to be unshakeable as he continues to do what makes him happy.

His latest hilarious viral video which is currently the talk of the town is of him talking to ‘devil’ from Gatundu during one of his deliverance session.

Pastor Ng’ang’a was captured casting out demons from a lady when a voice is heard saying it’s a devil from Gatundu and its aim is to kill people.

The question everyone is asking is either he is actually casting out demons or just acting.

A few weeks ago, the man of God was filmed making a phone call to a body organ while praying for a  patient with kidney problems.

Why he speaks to demons

Speaking during Kenya Bishops’ reunion,Neno founder revealed that the reasons he talks to evil spirits during his deliverance exercise because he’s not a prophet who can see where the evil spirit is hiding.

“Mimi siyo prophet kuna maprophet amboyo wanaweza kusikia na kuona penye pepo iko, mimi lazima niulize pepo unaka wapi na unataka nini,”he revealed.

Adding that, everyone has his own unique way of casting out demons.

“Waubiri wote sio sawa huwezi sema mbona huyu mhubiri haponyi kama mimi ama haubiri kama mimi tunafakuwapokea vile walivyo,”he said.

Watch the video below of Pastor Ng’ang’a when he met devil from Gatundu during his deliverance exercise.



Pastor Ng’ang’a on way he speaks to demons.


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