(VIDEO) Seth Gor Hilariously Demonstrates How To Deal With Your Girlfriend This EPL Season

Local comedian Seth Gor sensationally lit up social media after creating a funny video mimicking what many boyfriends so during EPL season.

English Premier League kicked off this month and has had many football lovers and men in particular chroming in the bars and local pubs to follow as they slowly sip on some beer with friends. The local clubs see more of ou men than their wives do nowadays. Many men were opposed to the closure of clubs when the census exercise kicked off due to an EPL game that was being played that weekend.

Seth Gor has shown the struggles Kenyan women have to endure when the games are on. In the funny video, the comedian played a sick boyfriend face timing with his girlfriend and explaining he has to miss their anniversary dinner due to a cold. After the call, his boyz are revealed as having helped his stage the whole thing and they proceed to watch a game in celebration.

Many relationships can relate to these struggles. Check out the video below:

Check out fans reactions:


@that_guy_kevv if that’s not us! Siku ya Man U vs Gunners???…


Mafisi Sacco salutes you for your innovation


????aki this is so my boyfriend ??everytime


After God, fear men ???


Hehe but si babe ako in the bedroom? Cz wallpaper… ? ? ? ? ? Alafu… Said no babe ever ? ? ? ? ?


My big bro who should be my role model once did something like that ????


Umetuseti bro ??????? kali

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