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Wasafi Festival Zanzibar a Huge Success

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The Wasafi festival is getting bigger with each passing day as its crew tour around Eastern Africa. Among the popular artists in the festival are Lava Lava, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Young Killer, Rommy Jons and Country Boy. Their latest event held on the Amani grounds in Zanzibar is so far the most successful (and naughty) in the Wasafi Records tour

Kasim Mganga kicked off the event on a high note, and though the crowd didn’t seem too hyped, the female dancers on the stage kept them focused. The Awena Bongo Flava artist gets busy grinding on two girls in short dresses. The twerking continues as the event takes its peak with Linah taking over the crowd with her big hit Raha Jipe Mwenyewe

Rommy Jons is joined by Gigy Money, and Country Boy on the stage as they perform various songs on the Wasafi Festival in Zanzibar. The crew goes wild as they stunt crazy dance moves. Queen Darleen later joins the hype with her gangster hip hop style.

Young Killer also brought some diversity to the Wasafi Festival in Zanzibar as he did a small martial arts intro for the crowd. His Kung-Fu themed performance was enough to get the fans hyped again as he performed various songs from his latest album. Towards the end, the crowd begged the Wasafi crew to perform Mwanza Nyegezi which had been previously banned by Basata. Forbidden fruits taste the sweetest, indeed

Even after falling off stage at the Sumbawanga Wasafi Festival and being rushed to hospital, Diamond still came through at the Wasafi Festival Zanzibar as he performed Kwangwaru with Harmonize

The Wasafi Festival in Zanzibar was a big success, and though the audience didn’t seem much enlightened about concert events, Wasafi Records still had a lot to be thankful for in the event.

Watch the full live stream of the Wasafi Festival Zanzibar

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