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When Talent Meets Racism – AKA Has a Strong Message For His Haters

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South African rapper and Award Winner, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, better known by his stage name, AKA, recently came out to address all the hate he has been receiving from music fans after he sent a Tweet suggesting that his skin color could have something to do with it.

The Tweet has since gathered a lot of heat on social media with some explicitly explaining why people probably don’t like him. AKA, despite his success, has been a victim of hate for a long time in South Africa, and it is true that for some people, his skin color could be the main reason.

Overall, there has been a lot of divided opinion on why the rapper gets all the hate in South African entertainment. It’s no doubt that AKA is one of the most successful musicians in Africa and his career shines a rhythmic light on many music fans. He is also a big success in business with his major brand Cruz Watermelon, which has been doing great both locally and internationally.

AKA ended the heated conversation with a strong message to all his haters.

This, yet again, proves that AKA is one of the coolest and smartest celebrities in Africa. Even with all the hate and controversy surrounding him, he still managed to dig up some positivity and spread love. Racism is not new in South Africa, and for such a public figure to be so different and still become a success, it takes more than meets the eye

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