Why Kenyans Now Believe Okwara Should Have Replaced Hussein Instead of Wahiga Mwaura

King of controversies Robert Alai has propelled an online debate claiming that Waihiga Mwaura is shallow and Yvonne Okwara would have made a better replacement in the new show.

This comes hours after Waihiga took over as the new host of Citizen TV’s News Night show, where he had taken the reigns from Hussein Mohamed who ended his 10-year stint at the station last week.

Alai took to twitter sharing his sentiments accusing Waihiga of being clueless and calling him a watermelon interviewer.

“Yvonne Okwara could have been a better replacement for Hussein in Newsnight. Waihiga is too shallow and clueless most of the time.

More of a watermelon interviewer.”

Even though many Kenyans were quick to throw shade on Waihiga, he remains a respected face across Kenya, who covers a wide array of topics from sports to politics.

In fact, in 2018, Waihiga took home a prestigious award after he impressed the panel with his story-telling ability and on-screen presence. Before having his new role, Waihiga has been the host of the Monday Report show with co-anchors Trevor Ombija and Mashirima Kapombe.

Netizens, however, did not give it a second thought and were quick to brush off that Waihiga was better when he worked as a sports journalist.

“Not to say that sports anchors aren’t good, but that’s what he knows how to do best. He should just do that. He is not a person who can ask serious questions n hang on until he gets a straight answer from the always evasive politicians.” said Shiku Jack.

Another follower Mosetio Moseti said, The guy has been doing morning shows with Sinzi, clueless, inconsistent and engages on gossip.

Like his predecessor, Hussein Mohamed, Waihiga also began his career as a sports journalist.

Possibly, the bar had been set too high for Waihiga since his Hussein had been conducting very steamy and high profile interviews. It would take a lot for one to completely fill his shoes don’t you think?

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