Willy Paul Gets Naughtier in New Song, Turn Around – Download Mp3 Free

Kenyan scandalous gospel artist, Willy Paul, has released yet another secular hit, Turn Around, this time going for the sexual Jamaican theme. Turn Around is produced by Silver Birds Records and is among Willy Paul’s first secular bangers this year.

Since late last year, Willy Paul has slowly been deviating from gospel music and taking a rather secular tone. This is becoming a common trend in the Kenyan gospel industry as more artists turn to secular music due to various reasons.

Willy Paul has worked with many secular musicians, among them Alaine, Rayvanny, and Nandy. Turn Around is his latest hit song which was produced in Jamaica where he has been touring for the last few weeks

Turn Around is an erotic song about a sexy woman who Willy Paul probably wants to get a lap dance from. Many have speculated that the song is dedicated to Jamaican star, Samantha J following pictures shared on his Instagram page. In the cover art of the song, the theme of the song is “Slow ‘N’ Sexy” and it’s now safe to assume that Willy Paul is officially into secular music.

Listen and Download Turn Around by Willy Paul

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