Willy Paul’s Stolen Song Finally Hit the Airwaves

Musician, Willy Paul

Controversial musician Willy Paul, alias Pozze, has finally released the ‘stolen’ song Chuchuma.The song has been the centre of controversy with various artistes claiming to own it.

Pozze had approached Rayvanny with the song for a collabo but their talk did not really materialise.

Listening to Rayvanny’s Chuchuma, one could clearly hear it sounding similar to Willy Paul’s song. From the instrumental to the flow, the two songs are identical.

Pozze came out to accuse his Tanzanian counterpart Rayvanny of lifting his song. According to the Shado Mado singer, Rayvanny stole the idea for his song dubbed Chuchuma and hinted at its release.


Another artist has, however, come out to claim rights to the ownership of the same song. Kelechi Africana, through his Facebook page, accused Pozze of stealing his song idea. Lechi says he uploaded a snippet of the song on his WhatsApp status. Pozze was among those who viewed it and was surprised after seeing him accuse Rayvanny of stealing a song he himself stole.


Duffla a gospel musician has also come out that this idea was stolen from him.He has a song with a similar Title ‘chuchuma’..He claims that he released it before the other one came out.

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