YouTuber Nancie Mwai is Pregnant (Photo)

YouTuber Nancie Mwai (Instagram)

Fashion blogger, YouTuber and the owner of Next Level fashion house Nancie Mwai is pregnant.

This was revealed in an exchange with a fan who asked her,” I’m not being nosey but are thou pregnant☺🤗🤗” and Nancie replied with “yes 😍.”

YouTuber Nancie Mwai (Instagram)

The last 13 months have been wonderful for Nancie as she is not only expecting her second-born but also opened up a fashion store at Marsabit Plaza along Ngong Road.

Before she became an entrepreneur, Nancie was known for her ‘Fashion Notebook’ blog and her YouTube channel that had been putting food on her table before she took a break.

Speaking on her YouTube gig to SDE Nancy said, “I do this full-time…That’s where the money is, at least for me. It’s all about video content.”

It’s all about video content – Nancie Mwai (Instagram)

Nancy also admitted that though she makes it look easy, posting content can be nerve-wracking.

“ Honestly, it can be quite intimidating, regardless of the fact that you’re in a room all by yourself filming. You start thinking, “I don’t sound great, I might not have the best English, there are people who are better than me…But I had to stop with that train of thought. One day I decided I’m just going to do me, if people like it, fine, if they don’t, that’s fine too,” she confessed.

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